MEPHISTO E-Commerce GmbH accepts: Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa and Maestro. Please note that your credit card will directly be charged at the moment of transaction. To ensure the protection of your credit card details, your full details are encrypted and transferred via SSL and are therefore secure from third-party access.

Please note:
In the event of credit card misuse by an unauthorized person, you should file a claim with your credit card institution, from which you will receive a reimbursement. Most credit card institutions generally assume all costs or limit your liability to a fixed contribution of no more than 50 euros. In the event of damages which are demonstrably caused by you placing an order with MEPHISTO E-Commerce GmbH, we will pay your contribution of up to 50 euros, provided that this is not reimbursed by your credit card institution.

Read more on this issue in our “Data Privacy Statement”.


You can also pay via PayPal. Select PayPal as the payment method. At the end of the order process you will be transferred directly to PayPal.

However, please note that in rare cases processing errors may occur on the PayPal web pages, over which we have no influence.

You may not pay for an order on account via PayPal, as this cannot be recognized in our system.

If you return your goods, the refund is credited to your PayPal account.

Authenticity guarantee
Authenticity guarantee
Fast delivery
Fast delivery